The K15 has an estimated RHI payment of £1700 in this property.


  • Previous bills per annum - £800
  • Estimated RHI payment - £1700 per annum
The wood pellet biomass system has an efficiency rating of over 93%.


Local Denby Dale business Plasterline required a boiler to heat one of their showrooms, and chose the K15 wood pellet biomass system to provide hot water and heating - both underfloor and radiators.

The K15 has remarkable combustion technology with the highest level of reliability and comfort, and an efficiency rating of over 93%. The local storage hopper holds an impressive 150kg of wood pellets which allows the boiler to operate for long periods without refuelling.

With the added bonus of an open vent wood stove fitted though a heat exchanger, and solar panels linked into the accumulator, the system provides ample heat throughout the showroom.


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