The HDG Euro 50 works effortlessly to provide heat throughout.


  • Previous bills per annum - £3000
  • Estimated RHI payment - £5600 per annum
The biomass boiler is top loading for easy access and runs on waste packaging / pallets.
The HDG Euro 50 is over 90% efficient providing very low emission values and high efficiency levels.


Plasterline were looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to heat their office, workshop and showroom, as well as providing heat to their drying room for their plaster products.

The Euroheat HDG Euro 50 was installed and works effortlessly to provide heat throughout. The fuel chamber is top loading with a large loading door for easy access, with the added benefit that it is run on mainly waste packaging / pallets.

The advanced technology of the Euro 50 makes it over 90% efficient and perfectly designed to burn logs as fuel, resulting in very low emission values and extremely high efficiency levels.

Safety features such as heat exchanger thermal discharge and fuelling chamber duel door lock, large ash container continuous long operation periods and HDG quality and strength, all help to make it a leading biomass boiler.


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