Biomass Boiler Owners Receive £11m In RHI Payments

Published: 5th June 2015

Biomass boiler owners can be eligible for RHI payments.

Biomass boiler owners can be eligible for RHI payments.

Homeowners with biomass boilers received more than £11 million in payments from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) during the first year of the scheme.

The RHI is designed to persuade more householders to change to environmentally-friendly forms of heating, by giving people who switch to renewable energy a quarterly payment for the first seven years they own the system.

It launched in April 2014, since which time 8,263 homes with biomass boilers in England, Scotland and Wales have been accepted on to the scheme.

Figures published by the energy regulator Ofgem show that those households have already received RHI payments totalling £11.2 million, despite many of them only having had their wood-burning boilers installed for a few months.

Biomass heating systems have proved a popular choice in Yorkshire for homes off the gas grid, which had previously used heating oil.

Wood pellets, chips and logs are all cheaper than heating oil, helping to significantly cut energy bills. 

On top of those savings, owners of a typical four or five-bedroom house who choose to fit a biomass boiler can expect to receive RHI payments totalling more than £33,000 over the first seven years it is installed.

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