Biomass Boilers For Hotels And Holiday Accommodation

Published: 29th July 2015

Biomass boilers are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly choice for many commercial premises, but are particularly well suited to installation in hotels.

Biomass heating systems can reduce energy bills significantly.

Biomass heating systems can reduce energy bills significantly.

Heating and hot water for guest rooms is a major cost for hotels of all sizes, with the hot water needed to operate kitchens and laundry rooms adding to the expense. High-end facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, conference rooms and spas create even greater energy needs and bills. 

Switching to a wood-burning biomass boiler is a simple way to make a significant reduction to fuel bills, while still enjoying a reliable source of heating and hot water on demand for your guests.

The installation will also make the hotel eligible to receive Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the government for the first 20 years of the heating system’s life. 

The combination of lower fuel costs and RHI payments mean the biomass boiler will pay for itself in a few years and actually generate a substantial total return - possibly in excess of £1million for a large country house hotel switching from heating oil - over its life.

Go green with biomass 

The United Nations Environment Program estimates that hotels and other forms of tourist accommodation generate 2% of total global CO2 emissions. With Carbon Trust figures showing that heating accounts for 60% of hotels’ energy usage and costs, it is clear where the starting point for cutting the industry’s emissions should be.

In an effort to reduce the sector’s carbon emissions, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has urged SMEs to be as proactive as major hotel chains in replacing out-dated technologies with greener alternatives.

Among its suggestions is to switch from a traditional heating system to a wood pellet or wood chip burning biomass boiler, as using this carbon neutral form of fuel will reduce your hotel’s emissions and cut the cost of space heating and hot water.

Benefits of biomass boilers for hotels

Whether you operate a boutique hotel, a bed & breakfast, a property with leisure and conference facilities, a development of self-catering apartments or a country house hotel, there are significant benefits to switching to biomass heating systems.

Fuel bills - Wood chips and wood pellets are cheaper than fossil fuels, so you can expect to see your hotel’s energy bills fall by somewhere between 20% and 40%. Wood prices are also much less volatile than oil and gas, helping you to budget more accurately. 

RHI payments - This scheme is designed to encourage more businesses to use renewable energy for heating and entitles companies that switch to biomass boilers to payments from the government for 20 years. For example, a hotel that installs a 200kW biomass boiler could receive as much as £330,000 in RHI payments over 20 years. Lower fuel bills and RHI payments mean the initial cost of the biomass heating system will be recovered in just a few years and you can expect a healthy return on investment over the 20-year period. 

Reduced emissions - Wood pellets and chips burn cleanly and efficiently, generating significantly lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels.   

Improved reputation - Hotels that can demonstrate they have cut emissions by switching to renewable energy can confidently promote their eco credentials. Green consumers prefer to spend their money with companies they can see are making an effort to reduce their impact on the environment, so you may even enjoy more bookings. 


Biomass boilers will provide all the heat your guests need

Biomass boilers will provide all the heat your guests need

Switching away from fossil fuel-based heating will not adversely effect your ability to provide a great experience for your guests. Bedrooms will be as warm, hot water will still be available on demand and the swimming pool will be heated as effectively; your guests won’t experience any drop in their comfort levels.

With no downside for your service levels, you can confidently look forward to enjoying financial and reputational benefits when you install a biomass boiler in your hotel. 



Installing a biomass boiler

To find out more about what is involved in switching to biomass heating, call Denby Dale Energy on 01484 866785 or contact us via the website for an initial discussion and to book a no-obligation site survey for your hotel. 

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