Biomass Heating Systems For Farms

Published: 18th September 2015

Biomass heating is ideal for farms with high energy usage.

Biomass heating is ideal for farms with high energy usage.

Biomass boilers are a cost-effective option for properties off the gas grid and for businesses with high energy usage for heating, making them ideal for farms in Yorkshire.

The requirements for heating on farms are many and varied, with poultry sheds, grain drying, dairies, food processing, greenhouses, barns, holiday cottages, offices and home central heating all contributing to high energy bills.

An increasing number of farms are now switching to biomass heating systems, primarily because of the financial benefits offered by wood-burning boilers.

Biomass fuel (which can come in the form of logs, wood pellets or wood chips) is typically cheaper than heating oil, electricity and LPG, providing an immediate saving on heating and hot water bills. But that is not the only, or even the main, financial advantage.

Install biomass boilers and buy fuel from an accredited supplier, and you should be eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a government scheme designed to encourage businesses to switch to green energy.

Under the scheme, farms that switch to a renewable heating system are entitled to a subsidy payable for the first 20 years of its life. The exact sum depends on a range of factors, but it is typically enough to pay for the system and deliver a return on investment of more than 20%, providing a welcome source of additional income.

In addition to the money, switching to biomass offers a range of other benefits, including:

  • Reduced carbon emissions 
  • Use of fuel from a sustainable local source 
  • Highly reliable heating
  • Drier heat than from gas heaters (improving conditions for poultry) 
  • Low maintenance heating system 

Each farm has its own requirements and biomass boiler systems can be designed to suit almost any set-up, including to heat multiple buildings. 

The Denby Dale Energy team are happy to carry out a no-obligation site feasibility survey at your farm, outline how a Euroheat biomass heating system could work for you and explain how you could benefit from the RHI.

For more information about biomass boilers for farms, call Denby Dale Energy on 01484 866785 or contact us via the website.