Businesses Identify Benefits Of Switching To Biomass Boilers

Published: 12th August 2015

Businesses have identified the benefits of installing biomass boilers

Businesses have identified the benefits of installing biomass boilers

The cost and environmental benefits of biomass boilers have already seen them become a popular choice of energy for farms and hotels, and the advantages they offer are now becoming known in a wider range of commercial sectors.

Among the well-known businesses to have chosen wood pellet burning biomass boilers are:

  • Dewar’s distillery in Aberfeldy, which has cut its carbon footprint by 90% since switching from fossil fuels to biomass boilers
  • Cornish Gouda Company, which has been able to increase its production five-fold since installing a highly-efficient biomass boiler
  • Dimeplace, a commercial property company that chose a wood pellet burning boiler for its new office complex in Washington in order to keep heating costs to a minimum
  • Fulwood Leisure Centre, which installed a wood pellet boiler to reduce its carbon emissions and heating costs 

Lower heating bills and the prospect of receiving regular Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the government are factors in businesses looking to switch from fossil fuels, but cost is not the only issue.

Many business owners and shareholders groups are concerned about environmental issues and want to reduce the impact of their companies on the environment by cutting carbon emissions.

This does not only apply to their own businesses and it is now commonplace for companies to quiz potential suppliers about their green credentials before placing orders, giving firms that have already acted a competitive advantage. 

Installing a biomass boiler is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce your business’s carbon emissions and improve its reputation as an environmentally-friendly operation.

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