More Yorkshire Homes Installing Biomass Boilers

Published: 19th May 2015

Biomass boilers are a popular replacement for heating oil systems.

Biomass boilers are a popular replacement for heating oil systems.

Biomass boilers have become the most popular form of renewable energy for domestic properties in Yorkshire, as more people become aware of their financial and environmental benefits.

Figures published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change show that 926 homes with biomass boilers in the Yorkshire and Humber region received accreditation for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme during the 12 months to the end of March 2015.

Those households are now eligible to receive quarterly RHI payments from the government for the next seven years. Under the scheme, the total payments for a four or five bedroom house are likely to be in excess of £33,000.

The statistics also showed that biomass heating systems overtook air source heat pumps as the most common RHI accredited technology in the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Most of those choosing to take advantage of the environmentally-friendly, efficient and low-cost heating provided by biomass boilers were people with homes not connected to the gas grid. Of the 7,861 RHI accreditations for the technology in Great Britain during the 12-month period, 6,645 of the homes did not have access to the gas network.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the relative costs and convenience of wood and oil, the majority of households (60%) who chose to switch to biomass previously used heating oil. There were also switchers from electric heating (12%), LPG (8%) and coal (6%).

To find out more about the cost and practical advantages of switching to a biomass boiler, and the benefits of the RHI scheme, contact Denby Dale Energy for an informal discussion about how it could work for your home.